A step-by-step to decorate Christmas balls with P.B.O Deco colours.

For this project you will need :

  • Plastic ornament balls (Artemio)
  • 1 Lotus Deco Dagger Stripper paint brush # 10 (for the leaves)
  • 1 flat large paint brush
  • Empire gold Patina Wax 
  • 1 bottle each P.B.O Deco colours: gold # 40, ash pink # 73, and bright pink # 58.
  • 1 dressmaker’s measuring tape
  • 1 cup or 1 paper towel/toilet paper roll to hold the ornament while it dries
  • 1 pencil
Boules de Noël
Christmas ornament balls : Step 1

Completely paint the Christmas ball with in pinkAllow to dry

Christmas ornament balls : Step 2

Using the measuring tape, measure 7 cm from the top of the ball and make small marks with the pencil.Colour the bottom part of the ball ornament with the Gold patina wax.

Christmas ornament balls : Step 3

Paint the leaves limiting yourself to 2 colours.Using the dagger stripper paint brush, draw gold leaves on the pink section and pink leaves on the gold section. Decorate with small dots between the leaves, like mistletoe ... Decorate the pink section with gold dots. Allow to dry.

Christmas ornament balls : Step 4
Christmas ornament balls : Step 5