Create a cherub-decorated tote bag with Setacolor Opaque paint.

Lively and luminous, Setacolor opaque colours decorate both light and dark colored fabrics.

Follow our project sheet and create a pretty bag decorated with cherubs, Ideal for Christmas!

Difficulty level: **
Completion time: 15min
Drying time: 30min


  • 1 Arty's pebeo raw linen coin 
  • Tray (ref. DH0M006LBS)
  • 1 Artemio stencil  (ref. ATAH211)
  • 1 pébéo n°8 brush  (ref. 827-08)
  • Setacolor opaque: shimmer gold (ref. 295045), red (ref. 295080)

Tip: First of all do your motifs with one colour, then clean and dry the brush before selecting another colour.


Final creation

 Final piece made with a Pébéo Arty's raw linen bag and Setacolor Opaque colours.


Material: 1 Pébéo Arty's natural linen tote bag, 1 Artemio stencil, 1 Pébéo stencil brush n°8, 1 bottle Setacolor Opaque n°45 Shimmer gold and 1 bottle n°50 Cherry.

Etape 1

Step 1: using the stencil brush, paint the pattern by brushing the paintbrush on the fabric with a first colour.

Etape 2

Step 2: Alternate with a second Setacolor fabric colour. Allow to dry approximately 30 minutes. Once the colours are dry, set them with an iron 5 minutes on the back side of the fabric.