Create a fancy gold shirt

For this project you will need:

  • An off-white or white shirt
  • A bottle of Setacolor Opaque Shimmer Rich Gold
  • A flat paint brush
  • Masking tape
  • A piece of cardboard the size of the choosen shirt (or a plastic sheet)
Mariniere doree Etape01

Place the cardboard (or plastic sheet) inside the shirt to prevent the paint from staining the back of the shirt.

Mariniere doree Etape02

Position and stick the first piece of tape just below the armhole. Then position the other pieces of tape below, leaving enough space in between to paint half the width of the tape. Continue until there is 6-8 cm left at the bottom of the shirt. 

Mariniere doree Etape 03

Using a flat paint brush, paint the Setacolor colour between the strips of tape, in a uniform manner, until flush with the seams on the side of the shirt. 

Mariniere doree Etape04

Allow to dry at least two hours before removing the tape.

Step 5

Then iron the shirt inside out for 5 minutes to set the colours. The shirt will now be resistant to washing at 104°F

Etape 6