Create a jewellery box with P.BO deco, Vitrail and Fantasy Prisme

With Fantasy Prisme and Vitrail, wooden objects take on colours!

Easily create this small colourful jewellery box.

Difficulty level: **

Completion time: 40 minutes

Drying time: 3 days


  • 1 wooden box
  • 1 Pébéo Iris brush n°12
  • P.BO deco surface preparation
  • Vitrail Turquoise Fantasy Prisme n°50 Moonstone
  • 1 Fantasy Pébéo dropper and wooden sticks
Jewellery box

Final creation made with P.BO deco, Vitrail, and Fantasy Prisme paints.


Material: 1 wooden box, 1 Pébéo Iris brush n°12, P.BO deco surface preparation, Vitrail Turquoise, Fantasy Prisme n°50 Moonstone, 1 Fantasy Pébéo dropper and wooden sticks.

P.BO deco

  Step 1: Using a brush, cover the surface to be decorated with P.BO deco surface preparation. Allow to dry approximately 30 minutes.


  Step 2: Place the box horizontally and paint with the Vitrail paint first the sides of the box, then the top.  

Fantasy Prisme

  Step 3: Without allowing to dry, stir the Fantasy Prisme paint with the stir stick. Apply the paint with the dropper on the top of the box.      

Jewerelly box

  Step 4: Allow to dry 3 days before use.