Customise your vase with Pébéo vitrail colours

A simple step-by-step to decorate your vase with the colours of the sea using Pébéo Cerne Relief and Vitrail paint.


Material : 1 Vase to decorate, 1 Fade Out marker (ref DPA8053), 1 Flat brush nº 10 (ref 951170), Black (ref 390000) Cobalt blue (ref 050037), Lightening medium (ref 051000)

Step 1

Step 1: Draw the desired shapes with the Fade Out marker. Retrace with black Cerne Relief. Allow to dry about 1 hour.

Step 2-3

Step 2: Using the flat brush, apply cobalt blue Vitrail, pre-mixed with lightening medium, inside the shapes outlined with the Cerne Relief. Step 3: Allow to dry about 6 hours.