Customize the stole with a lace stencil

Suplies and equipment

  • Cotton stole 0.71 x 20 inches
  • A bottle of Setacolor Opaque Lemon Yellow
  • A Setacolor lace stencil
  • A paint brush
  • A large plastic sheet
Step 1

Protect the table with the plastic sheet. (a large garbage bag will also do the trick).

Step 2

Spread the stole over the plastic and begin the serigraphy at one end all the way to the middle. Then start symmetrically from the other end.

Step 3

Place the stencil on the fabric (pour the paint in the cap of the bottle to avoid adding too much to the paint brush) and apply paint to the fabric using a paint brush. Check the paint by gently lifting one side, and then the other, if the stencil design is not apparent enough then apply more paint a little bit at a time. 

Step 4

Continue the same process for the other designs. 

Step 5

The stencil can be used 4 to 5 times before rinsing with warm water and wiping dry, then it can be used again. This regular cleaning is necessary to avoid smudging the image and to clean the small holes that could be clogged with paint. 

Step 6

When the paint is dry, iron the shirt inside out for 5 minutes, without steam to completely set the paint.