Customize your shirt in trompe l'oeil with Pébéo

A simple step-by-step to turn your white T-shirt into trompe l'oeil with Setaskrib+ felt by Pébéo.


  • 1 White T-shirt
  • 1 Fade out marker (ref DPA8053)
  • 1 Template to copy (here sunglasses)
  • 1 Plastic sheet
  • Setaskrib Black (ref 803012)

Difficulty level:* , Completion time 30min, Drying time: 2h


Material: 1 White T-shirt, 1 Fade out marker (ref DPA8053), 1 Template to copy (here sunglasses), 1 Plastic sheet, Black (ref 803012)

Steps 1-2

Step 1: Using the fade out marker to draw the design on the T-shirt. Step 2: Place a piece of plastic inside the T-shirt to prevent the paint from staining the back.


Step 3: Use the Setaskrib+ Black marker, go over the design done with the fade out marker. Step 4: Allow to dry then iron the T-shirt inside out for 5 minutes to completely set the paint.


The fade out marker allows for mistakes as it will disappear after 24 hours!