DIY: Create a vitrail tropical-style frame

Use the Pébéo vitrail range to spruce up your interior with this DIY frame.

Level of difficulty: **
Time needed: 1h30
Drying time: 10h30


  • Vitrail transparent: sky blue (ref. 050036) , emerald (ref. 050013) et apple green (ref. 050034)
  • Auxiliaries Vitrail: lightening medium (ref. 051000)
  • Cerne relief: rich gold (ref.773120)
  • Glass-pane picture frame 
  • 1 printout of a design showing leaves
  • 2 containers
  • 1 wooden stick
  • 1 brush or plastic dropper
Vitrail tropical frame

Vitrail tropical frame




Dismantle the glass frame, taking out the glass. Place the glass over the printed design.


Use Cerne Relief to trace the patterns. Leave it to dry for 30 minutes.


Prepare your colours: in the first container mix the lightening medium with the Emerald Vitrail. And in the second container: mix lightening medium with Apple green Vitrail. Including the pure colours, you have a total of 5 shades ready to use.

3 - 2

Using the dropper or the brush, apply the colours randomly. Make sure you drop the paint, and take care not to make brushstrokes with the paintbrush. Leave it to dry on a flat surface for 10 hours.


Put the glass back into the frame and assemble the frame without the opaque background.