DIY: Deco ideas for personalising plant pot holders

Pébéo provides a step by step guide to give a new lease of life to your pot holders. From the most minimal to the most eccentric designs.

Level of difficulty: *
Time to complete: 20 minutes
Drying time: 6 hours


  • Ceramic paints: pink (ref’ 025034), green (ref’ 025037 and white (ref’ 025010) 
  • Ceramic auxiliary: undercoat (ref’ 029000)
  • 1 wide brush
  • 1 fine brush
  • Masking tape
  • A container to mix colour in
  • Terracotta plant pot

Plant pot design



Step 1

1. Apply a coat of undercoat and leave to dry for two hours.

Step 2

2. Mix the colours: white and green for the lower part then white and pink for the top.

Step 3

3. Mask off the separate areas with the Masking Tape. Use the wide brush to paint the areas in the desired colours.

Step 4

4. Remove the Masking Tape and leave to dry for two hours.

Step 5

5. Paint the band of terracotta under the tape in pink using the fine brush. Leave to dry for two hours.