DIY: Personalise your treasured purse

Pébéo provides a step by step guide to customising your treasured purse with the Setacolor range.

Things you need:

  • A black purse (or the necessary fabric and tools to make one)
  • A textile pencil
  • A fine paintbrush
  • A bottle of Setacolor Opaque Shimmer gold 
  • A tube of Setacolor 3D Brod’Perle Iridescent Blue
  • A tube of Setacolor 3D Brod’Perle  White
  • A tube of Setacolor 3D Brod’Perle Gold
Bourse précieuse
Dessinez un motif pour votre bourse

Print the pom-pom feature, draw its mirror image and adapt it to your purse. 

Reproduisez le motif sur votre bourse

Reproduce the patern on the fabric with a textile pencil, either freehand or by transfer. If you are making your own purse from scratch, you can paint the feature before sewing the parts together.   

Réalisez le motif Or moiré

 Paint the Shimmer Gold pattern completely and leave to dry before making the beads. 

Réalisez les perles

Make the beads by gently placing same size droplets of paint thanks to the adapted nozzle on Brod’Perle tubes.   

Produit final

Proceed with care in order not to spoil the freshly created beads. Leave to dry for 24h.