Final result

8 eggs - 1 soft bristle paint brush (Lotus Deco Dagger Stripper) - 1 fine paintbrush - 1 toothbrush - 1 saucepan - 1 knife - 1 tablespoon - 1 bowl - 1 blade cutter - 1 plastic fork - 1 pair of scissors 

Step 1

Step 1: Break the hardboiled eggs with a knife over a bowl.Clean the egg shells under hot water and allow them to dry.

Step 2

Step 2: Paint the eggs with a soft bristle paint brush, using the 8 different P.BO Deco colours (Light Green, Indian Pink, Light Yellow...)

Step 3

Step 3: In a small glass jar, dilute the P.BO Deco Chocolate Pearl paint with water, then dip the toothbrush into the liquid. Splatter the eggs by pulling on the bristles of the toothbrush with your thumb and then release. Create larger spots to complete the egg using the fine paintbrush.

Step 4

Step 4: Stabilize the egg shells by placing them in their carton. Place the candle wicks in the centre of each egg. Dissolve approximately 2 tablespoons of wax powder for each egg in a little jar and heat in a water tub. 

Step 4

Beat with a plastic fork to activate the melting process. To create pastel colours add a small amount of colorant to the wax. Pour the mixture of hot liquid into the eggshell. Cut any excess wick from the shell with a pair of scissors

Decorate Easter eggs with P.BO Deco

For this workshop you will need: 

  • A small glass jar (to dilute the paint with water)
  • 8 bottles of P.BO Deco paint: Light Green # 48, Indian Pink # 107, Light Yellow # 22, Ash Brown # 70, White # 41, Ashy Violet # 60, Sky Blue 104, Caribbean Blue # 80 
  • 1 bottle of P.BO Deco Chocolate Pearl # 113 (for painting spots)
  • Gédéo candle wax
  • Gédéo candle wicks
  • Gédéo candle fragrance (optional)
  • Gédéo candle colorants (assorted colours)

Please read the following step-by-step guide >

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