For some summer fun, create a set of professional quality appetiser dishes with Porcelaine 150

The Porcelaine 150 colour range allows artists of all ages, to create the look of true glazed ceramics. 

Discover Pébéo's children's workshop and easily customize  a set of small appetiser dishes for the summer.


  • 3 small appetiser dishes
  • 1 Porcelaine 150 fine tip marker Lapis blue # 04
Porcelaine 150
Step 1

For the first appetiser dish: Photocopy stripes and cut them out. Place the photocopy on the appetiser dish 1/8" from the top. Secure the paper with one hand and draw fine lines with the other hand.  Remove the paper and use a ruler to go over the  stripes with the Porcelaine 150 marker. Allow to dry

Step 2

For the second appetiser dish: Place small round stickers on the appetiser dish. 

Step 3

Outline the round stickers with the Porcelaine 150 marker  to create small  circles. 

Step 4

Remove the stickers and make a dot in the center of each circle

Step 5

For the third appetiser dish: Recreate the design of your choice. 

Porcelaine 150

To set the colours, place the appetiser dish in a kitchen oven at 300° F (150°c) for 30 min.