Give a new look to a picture frame with Gédéo glazing resin to spice up your decoration.

Butterflies are welcome everywhere throughout the home, on old frames and on the walls as well! Give a new look to an old picture frame with glazing resin.


  • 1 kit Gédéo glazing resin
  • 1 sheet scrapbooking paper with butterfly designs
  • Images of butterflies
  • 1 old picture frame
  • Scissors, long toothpicks, adhesive tape, patafix (reusable adhesive)
  • Artificial flower pistils (optional)
  • White cardboard, same size as the page

> Follow the Step-by-Step

See glazing resin

step 1

Prepare a mixture of glazing resin by following the instructions.

step 2

Cut out the butterfly images as close to the edge of the design as possible.

step 3

Apply the resin to the selected designs with a long toothpick leaving a margin of 1 mm as the resin will spread slightly.

step 4

Deposit resin on all the butterflies.

step 5

Place the pistils in the still sticky resin to make the antennas.

step 6

Once the resin is set but still soft (a few hours later) fold the butterfly and maintain it in this position with adhesive tape. Once everything is dry, glue the page onto the white cardboard and frame it. Stick a few butterflies here and there with Patafix reusable adhesive.