Jungle style wooden chair

Level of difficulty: 4/4
Time required: 5 hours
Drying time: 24h (frame), 72h (seat)


  • decoCrème matt sunflower(ref. 089005)
  • Setacolor suede effect anthracite (ref.295320)
  • Setacolor 3D metal yellow gold (ref.557035)
  • Fade out marker (ref.DPA8053)
  • 1 vintage wooden chair 
  • Cutter
  • Electric sander or abrasive paper 
  • Wall stapler
  • Jigsaw
  • 2 brackets and 4 bolts
  • Black marker
  • Brush
  • Xylophene
  • White undercoat paint 
  • Plywood board (10mm)
  • Foam square
  • Fabric 
  • Acetate

Frame: Step 1 – Take out the seat, sand it and treat and clean the chair frame. Apply the undercoat with a brush and leave to dry for 4 hours.


Frame: Step 2 –  Then paint with decoCrème sunflower and leave to dry for 24 hours


Seat: Step 1 – Cut out a card template of the same size as the seat. Use a marker to outline the template on a piece of plywood and then cut out with a jigsaw.  


Seat: Step 2 – Place the fabric flat, cover with the foam and ply and staple the edges of the fabric making sure to pull them tight. Step 3 – For the folder staple the rectangle of cotton wool then cover it with cloth. Then cover the back of the fabric chair so that the cain plating cannot be seen. 


Seat: Step 4 – Arrange the guides and nail the contour of the back by making a hem for the fabric.


Seat: Step 5 – Using the fade out marker trace the outline of the shape. Paint the interior of the shpe with Setacolor suede effect, leave to dry for 1 hour. Step 6 : Fix the design by ironing on the reverse for 5 minutes.