Jungle style wooden chair

Level of difficulty: 4
Time required: 5 hours
Drying time: 24h (frame), 72h (seat)


  • decoCrème matt sunflower(ref. 089005)
  • Setacolor suede effect anthracite (ref.295320)
  • Setacolor 3D metal yellow gold (ref.557035)
  • Fade out marker (ref.DPA8053)
  • 1 vintage wooden chair 
  • Cutter
  • Electric sander or abrasive paper 
  • Wall stapler
  • Jigsaw
  • 2 brackets and 4 bolts
  • Black marker
  • Brush
  • Xylophene
  • White undercoat paint 
  • Plywood board (10mm)
  • Foam square
  • Fabric 
  • Acetate
Step 1

Frame: Step 1 – Take out the seat, sand it and treat it with xylophone if needed. Sand and clean the chair frame.

Step 2

Frame : Step 2 – Apply the undercoat with a brush and leave to dry for 4 hours. Then paint with decoCrème sunflower.

Etape 3

Seat: Step 1 – Cut out a card template of the same size as the seat. Use a marker to outline the template on a piece of plywood and then cut out with a jigsaw.  

Etape 4

Seat: Step 2 – Place the fabric flat, cover with the foam and ply and staple the edges of the fabric making sure to pull them tight.

Etape 5

Seat: Step 3 – Outline the form with the fade out marker. 

Etape 6

Seat: Step 4 – Paint the interior of the shape with Setacolor suede effect, leave to dry for 1 hour and then fix the colour by ironing on the reverse for 5 minutes.

Etape 7

Seat: Step 5 – Create the pearl dots in the corners using Setacolor 3D, leave to dry for 72 hours