Paint on glass using the new opalescent effect from the Vitrail range.

To embellish and decorate a simple carafe, let yourself be seduced by our creative leisure workshop, painting on glass using the Vitrail range and its new opalescent effect colours.

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Material :

  • 1 x 45ml jar Vitrail opale Sun Yellow
  • 1 x 45ml jar Vitrail opale Light Green
  • 1 x 45ml jar Vitrail opale Super White
  • 1 x 45ml jar Vitrail transparent Apple green
  • 1 x 30ml cerne relief Gold
  • 1 x 75ml jar Odourless Mineral Spirit
  • 2 round brushes n°4, n°8
  • 2 sponges
  • 1 glass carafe
Vitrail opale

A mix of opale and transparent colours in the Vitrail range

colours and tools

Completion time: 1 hour 30 minutes  Drying time: 8 hours Cleaning of tools : odourless mineral spirit

using the relief cerne

Step 1 : Degrease the surface and trace, using the Gold cerne relief, flowers on the lower part of the vase.

Vitrail transparent

Step 2 : Carefully stir the Vitrail transparent Apple Green colour with a stick before use. Fill in the surfaces outlined with cerne relief.

vitrail opale

Step 3 : Carefully stir the Vitrail transparent Light Green colour, and using a sponge begin a shading of colours by covering the lower part of the carafe. Then go over the Light Green using the Sun Yellow and still using the sponge, cover the surfaces moving towards the top of the carafe.

step 4

Step 4 : Carefully stir the Vitrail Opale Super White colour, use it to go over the Sun Yellow to obtain lighter shading and paint the top part of the carafe

step 5

Step 5 :Use the Gold cerne relief to deposit small dots in the flowers.