Personalize a cotton canvas tote bag

Required materials

  • An unbleached or white cotton tote
  • A bottle of Setacolor Light Fabric Light Green
  • A bottle of Setacolor Light Fabric Fluorescent
  • A bottle of Setacolor Light Fabric Vivid Orange
  • A bottle of Setacolor Opaque Light Green DISCONTINUED COLOUR
  • A fine and a medium paint brush
  • A plastic sheet
  • An Apple
  • Paper marker
  • Iron

For this workshop you will need


Place the plastic sheet inside the tote bag to prevent paint from staining the back.


Cut the apple in half and generously apply paint to the surface of the apple. Place the cut apple on the fabric to make an first imprint. Use a paint brush to fill in any shortage of paint in the imprint.


Apply different shades of green to the other apples and place the apples evenly to the tote bag, Before the new colours are applied rinse the cut apple under water and rub off the paint, then wipe down with a piece of paper towel.


When the designs on the tote bag are dry, paint the other side.


Draw letters on a piece of paper, then slide it between the plastic and the desired side of the tote bag.


Now apply Setacolor Light Fabric Vivid Orange to the cut apple and place on the tote bag as previously explained. Then trace the wording (from the paper underneath) using a fine paint brush. Once this is completed allow to dry for at least 2 hours. Then iron on the reverse side for 5 minutes to set the colours.