Porcelain cup for Saint Valentine’s day

Here is an easy and inexpensive gift to give to a loved one on Valentine’s day! Decorate a porcelain cup using Pébéo'sPorcelaine 150 paint.

For this workshop you will need:

  • 1 white porcelain cup
  • Masking tape
  • 1 Iris brush (yellow polyamide fibres) flat #4
  • 1 bottle of Porcelaine 150, Scarlet Red #6
  • 1 Porcelaine 150 fine point marker, Scarlet Red #3
  • 1 piece of tracing paper
  • 1 pencil 

Place the tracing paper on the edge of the table and then place the handle of the cup on the paper. Make sure the handle is flat on the paper.Using a pencil, trace the handle of the cup onto the tracing paper.Place the traced handle on the cup, just beside the real handle, to give an illusion of a heart.


Put masking tape at the top and bottom of the cup to create a boarder (approximately 1 cm from the top and bottom).Place a piece of tracing paper to the attached design and trace the design using a pencil (or print the design to the tracing paper). Next, position the design on the cup between the two pieces of tape.


Using the Scarlet Red Porcelaine 150 marker trace the design once more and allow to dry.


Using a brush paint both handles (the real one and the one drawn on the cup) with Porcelaine 150 Scarlet Red. Allow to dry for 24 hours. If you wish to wash this cup in the dishwasher, set the paint in a conventional oven at 150°C (300oF) for 35 minutes (stable temperature).