Scandinavian nightstand

Level of difficulty: ***
Time to make: 2h
Drying time: 2h


  • Vintage nightstand
  • Electric sander 
  • Foam roller
  • Brush 
  • Masking tape
  • decoCrème : emerald (ref.089033), black velvet (ref.089045), pearl gold (ref.089210)
Scandinavian nightstand

Scandinavian nightstand


1- Sand and clean the nightstand. 


2- Paint the lower part of the nightstand with Black Velvet decoCrème. Leave until touch dry and then apply a second coat. 


3- Paint the top of the nightstand with decoCrème Emerald (ref.089033), leave to dry and then add a second coat.


4- Put a strip of masking tape around each leg 15cm from the ground and paint with Gold decoCrème. 


5- Use the masking tape to create aline and paint with Gold decoCrème or. Leave to dry for one hour.