Step by step for decorating a glass dish with Vitrea 160

Vitrea 160 embellishes your glass dish! Discover the iridescent medium which gives a pearly sheen to your dish and add a touch of pearlescence with the transparent relief outliner.

Final creation Vitrea 160

Final creation made with the Vitrea 160 iridescent medium and the n°67 Pearl transparent relief outliner.


Material: - 1 bottle Vitrea 160 iridescent medium - 1 tube Vitrea 160 relief outliner n°67 Pearl - 1 small glass dish - Stickers - 1 foam sponge - 1 wooden stick  

Place the stickers

Step 1: Place the stickers on your dish to your liking.


Step 2: Pour a small amount of iridescent medium in a plastic plate. Absorb the medium with the foam sponge..


Step 3: Using the sponge, cover the dish and the stickers with iridescent medium.

Remove the stickers

Step 4: Allow to dry 24 hous. Remove the stickers with a wooden stick.

 Apply small dots of relief

Step 5: Apply small dots of relief outliners around the circles. Allow to dry 24 hours.