Turn your eggs into cacti for Easter (New)

Easter approaching fast and you don't yet know how to decorate your eggs? With this DIY technique you can choose to paint them like beautiful cacti. The question is - what shapes and forms will you choose?

Follow the step by step

Level of difficulty: *
Time to create: 30 min
Drying time: 12h30 min


Cactus easter eggs

Cactus easter eggs


Materials: Gloss deco bright green ref. 092017 and spring green ref.092016, Green gloss deco 3D ref. 556130, 3 polystyrene eggs, 3 pots, 3 wooden sticks, 1 brush 


1 - Push the wooden sticks into the polystyrene eggs.


2-  Paint 2 eggs gloss deco spring green and the other light green. Leave to dry for 30 minutes. 


3- Decorate the 3 eggs with lines, dots or other designs using the 3D Deco. 


Leave to dry for 12 hours then display the eggs in pots.