Unique decorations with Fantasy Prisme

Original decoration with Fantasy Prisme. Be tempted by this innovation, an easy workshop for a unique result. A simple mirror which turns into a "precious" object.

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Material :

  • 1 bottle 45ml Fantasy Prisme Moonstone
  • 1 flacon 45ml Fantasy Prisme Vermilion
  • 1 tube 100ml Studio Acrylics Gloss Gel
  • 2 droppers
  • 2 wooden sticks
  • 1 square mirror 20X20 cm
  • Flat pebbles
colours and tools

Completion time: 1 hour Drying time: 72 hoursCleaning of tools: Odourless mineral spirit or Mineral spirit.


Step 1 : After having stirred the colour moonstone, pick the colour with the eyedropper and deposit it on a number of pebbles. Repeat with the colour Vermilion.


Step 2 : The colours can be superimposed before drying: add the colour Moonstone over the colour Vermilion, and the colour Vermilion colour over the colour Moonstone.

drying 72 hours

Step 3 : Allow to dry 72 hours.


Step 4 : With the Studio Acrylics Gloss Gel, glue the decorated  pebbles around the mirror. Allow to dry 6 hours.

Unique mirror

An amazing result !