Your candle holders can be decorated in Christmas colours with the use of Vitrail and Mirror effect metal Leaf. Very simple to create.

For this project you will need :

  • 1 short glass or votive candle holder 
  • 1 bottle each of Vitrail colours turquoise # 17, crimson # 12 and old pink # 21
  • 1 bottle of no-drip medium
  • 1 fan brush
  • 1 package each of Gédéo Mirror Effect Metal Leaf blue/red 
  • 1 tube of gilding paste
  • Odourless mineral spirit
  • 1 utility knife
  • 1 small mixing jar
Christmas candle holder
Christmas candle holder : Step 1

Mix the non drip medium with the Vitrail paint in a mixing jar. Paint the candle holder with this mixture. Allow to dry.

Christmas candle holder : Step 2

Brush the holder with the gilding paste. Allow to dry for a minimum of 15 minutes Then apply the Mirror Effect Metal Leaf to the glass (mirror side up - on the gilding paste)Remove the sheet, the blue film will remain on the glass

Christmas candle holder : Step 3

Print the star / draw a star on a sheet Using a pair of scissors cut out the starPlace the star on the candle holder and outline the star using a pencil.

Christmas candle holder : Step 4

On the outside of the candle holder scrape the paint inside the star using the blade of a utility knife. Place the small candle inside the candle holder and the project is complete!