To make your romantic dinner perfect, add a little touch of romantic decoration. 


  • A white cotton napkin, pre-washed
  • 'Petits pois' stencil, a 7a stencilglue spray
  • Fabric paint spray 7A colours: 452Pastel pink and 405 pink fabric Marker 7A for light fabrics in Neon Pink
  • Craft paper
Image 1
image 2


image 3

Cut out a square from the craft paper, glue with removable glue and attach it to the centre of the napkin. Cut out strips, glue them and apply them to form a frame around the central square. 

image 4

Apply two thin coats of the pastel pink colour.

image 4

Lightly glue the "petits pois" stencil, place it at the bottom centre of the central square, protect the rest of the napkin with strips of craft paper and apply a thin layer of the pink colour

image 5

Carefully remove the paper and the stencil, and leave to dry before continuing to draw the dots, placing the stencil at intervals as you fill the square.

image 5

During one of the steps, place scotch tape on one of the polka dots to cover it and leave a blank area. Cut out a heart in the craft paper to make a stencil, glue and place it on one of the polka dots, and apply a thin layer of the pink colour to cover it. In the space left in white by the covered dots, draw a small heart with the fluorescent pink fabric marker.