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Acrylic colours


Acrylic paints were invented in about 1950 in Mexico. They became quite popular with the emergence of a society of consumers and the Pop Art movement. Acrylics are the most popular paint today because they are easy to dilute with water, they dry quickly and they are resistant to ageing. Pebeo made its mark in the history of acrylics in 1992 with its Studio brand of paints packaged in plastic tubes. These easy-to-use Pebeo acrylics have attracted a constantly growing number of faithful customers.


See also

  • Studio Acrylics

    The versatility of the Studio Acrylics paste is suitable for all techniques. 

  • Studio Acrylics

    Its 100% acrylic binder, the veritable backbone of the formulas, allows the various thickeners to fully play their role. 

  • Acrylic extra fine

    Supple, adhering and tactile, Pébéo’s high viscosity Acrylic Extra Fine range is formulated from a new generation of non-yellowing polymers composed of very fine particles. 

  • Artist Acrylics Liquid

    Specially designed for airbrush work, use with graphic instruments and for diluted paint techniques. 

  • Studio Acrylics

    Intense, bright, acrylic colours are excellent resistance to aging. 

  • Studio Acrylics

    Iridescent Blue Black 

  • Acrylic extra fine

    Light Cadmium Red

  • Studio Acrylics

    Primary Magenta 

  • Studio Acrylics