A field for unlimited creations

Gesso to prepare the surfaces, Modeling paste andmortar to create dimensions and coatings, Bindex for collage, Medium for adding thickness, gelsvarnishes ...
Such are the rules of auxiliaries. These recipes are to be applied according to your tastes and without moderation!


Gessos are primers for preparing surfaces for painting. They improve the adhesion of paint. Available in one coat or transparent (500 ml or 1 l).


Modelling Paste is an opaque paste for creating reliefs and impasto. Available in high density or light (500ml and 1L)  


 Bindex are binders for preparing acrylic colours, and also collages and inlays. They offer your work a flexible film. Available in gloss finish (500 ml, 1 and 4) or matt (500 ml and 1 l).


The Matt Medium, available in 75, 250 and 500 ml, lends a degree of matt that increases the colour density.The Gloss Medium, available in 75, 250, 500 ml, and 1 l, adds shine and depth to the colour.  


Gels increase the transparency, depth and volume of your work. Available in gloss finish (250 and 500 ml) or matt (250 ml). Heavy gel and gold iridescent gel also available in 250 ml.  


Drying retarder.


Mortars with different effects: Mica or pumice stone mortar (250 ml), raw sand or crystal mortar (250 and 500 ml)


The matt- or gloss-finish varnishes are available as water-based (75, 250, 500 ml and 1L) and solvent-based (250 and 400 ml) products.  


The satin-finish varnish is available as a water-based (75, and 250 ml) and solvent-based (200 and 400 ml) product.


The satin-finish, impermeable UV-varnish is ideal for displaying outdoors. Available in 75 ml.


 This cleaner retains the suppleness and form of brushes. Available in 75 ml.


This paint stripper is a highly efficient, strong solvent, which quickly strips dried-on oil and acrylic from all painting tools. Available in 75 ml.


  The Artist Acrylics mortar Discovery Kit 5x40 ml: Gloss bindex, black mica mortar, pumice stone mortar, raw sand or crystal mortar.