Mat Pub: An extra-matt fluid acrylic

In 1978, Mat Pub was developed to create illustrations on posters, banners and mural paintings.

Forty years on, Mat Pub is now in the hands of a team of the most influential artists, who are constantly effusive and passionate in their fields, that includes the likes of Elise Oudin Gilles, Muriel France Shettiprod, Raphaële AnfréTim FragerMihoubIlkDavid ChabonnelPatrick MoquetRémi BerocheIpinOlivier Bernex, Salam, SupakitchPanonerpan…..

This modern range has become an indispensable benchmark for street art.

Mat Pub, with 29 colours, is a fluid and opaque acrylic that is highly resistant to UV* and the weather, and is simple and effective. It offers a rigorous selection of lightfast pigments; free from cadmium pigments.


140 ml and 500 ml pots.


All techniques: Solids on canvas, paper, wash, airbrush, solids on walls, cardboard, overlays, dripping.


A rigorous selection of lightfast pigments; free from cadmium pigments.


The Mat Pub colour chart is intended to be simple and effective.

remi beroche

Piece by Rémi Beroche.

Tim Frager

Piece by Tim Frager.


Piece by IPIN.

Elise Oudin Gilles

Piece by Elise Oudin Gilles.

Garance Vallée

Piece by Garance Vallée.


Piece by Ilk.

Muriel France Shettiprod

Piece by Muriel France Shettiprod.

Raphaële Anfré

Piece by Raphaële Anfré.


Piece by Mihoub.

Olivier Bernex

Piece by Olivier Bernex.


Piece by Panonerpan.

Sabine Martin

Piece by Sabine Martin.


Piece by Supakitch.


Piece by David Charbonnel: SWOP.


Piece by Rohân.

Opening the pot 1

Opening the 500 ml pot: 1 - Pull the tab

Opening the pot 2

Opening the 500 ml pot: 2 - Keep pulling while turning the pot

Opening the pot 3

Opening the 500 ml pot: 3 - Clean the lid

Opening the pot 4

Opening the 500 ml pot: 4 - Remove the lid.


Ready-to-use water-based highly-pigmented matt acrylic paint with no cadmium pigments, covering, in colours that can be mixed together and that have excellent lightfastness (excluding fluorescent colours)

  • Lightfastness: very good adhesion and outdoor resistance. It is permanent after drying, and the film is strong and flexible to deformation, which means it can be used on most surfaces
  • Finish: velvet matt appearance
  • Consistency: fluid
  • Thinner: water, but this results in a loss of consistency
  • Capacity: for 140 ml, from 1 m² to 1.25 m², and for 500 ml, from 3.5 m² to 4.5 m² depending on the colours
  • Drying: away from dust, from a few minutes to 1 hour depending on the thickness applied
  • Cleaning the tools: using water before drying, with universal paint stripper after drying
  • Storage: keep away from frost, heat and moisture

Mat Pub is a highly opaque and pigmented paint that is very easy to apply: a smooth and homogeneous finish with no brush marks or traces of recovery. The colours can be applied to–and are resistant on–most surfaces (including extreme, clean or correctly prepared media).

Recommendations before use:

  • Mix or shake the product thoroughly before use to homogenise the hue

Preparing surfaces:

  • Surfaces must be dry and clean before applying products. We recommend cleaning the surfaces with suitable mechanical or chemical means in order to remove dirt and unstable parts which could hinder adhesion of the paint


  • Suitable for different types of surfaces: paper, canvas, wood, metal, render, calicofabric, wall mounts, etc.
  • Resists the outdoors (recommended for vertical outdoor surfaces with no standing water)

Tools for application:

  • The colours can be applied using a brush, roller, sponge, stencil, knife and other tools, and can be poured or deposited directly from the pot


  • Highly versatile paint that is suitable for all types of art and graphics exercises:  solids, backgrounds, wash, dripping, volume overlays, drawings, etc.
  • It can be used with an airbrush by diluting the colour with around 50% water, in order to obtain the consistency of milk while maintaining the hue

It can be mixed with other Pébéo products:

  • The Mat Pub colours can be mixed with the full Studio and Artist Acrylics ranges to prepare your surface, add texture to your piece, change the texture of the Mat Pub paint and to protect your work when finished The paints can also be mixed with other types of acrylics, including Pébéo Studio and Pébéo Artist Acrylics, to obtain the consistency and colour you require