Interview with Rohân Houssein

Mixing painting, poetry, dance and music in his art, Rohân HOUSSEIN is a multi-faceted artist whose work is inspired by his travels, spirituality and love. This interview reveals this young artist, whose first works that enabled him to launch his clothing brand were made using Pébéo paint. >>>

Xavier Yarto

A different approach to Contemporary Art. Mexican artist,pioneer in fusing modern art with pre-Hispanic art talks exclusively toPébéo about his unique work…. >>>

Interview Tomosuke Nakayama

The Pébéo paints enhance the beauty and translucence of the colours. I have created my latest pieces using Pébéo Fantasy Moon &Prisme and Vitrail.
My objective is to paint a canvas or a surface using a traditional Japanese technique called « Haku » (the technique consists in putting a sheet of metal on the surface of a canvas or other surfaces). The combination of the sheet of silver and the Pébéo colours creates something stunningly beautiful and these colours change over time because of their capacity to absorb light.

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