Pablo Azar, a trip beyond the evident

To talk about Pablo Azar is to talk of youth, profoundness and an immense talent, very well-known worldwide due his successful acting career he is also the creator of a very unique painting style called “Toonymania”, in which he takes us on a fantastic trip beyond the evident, his aim is to make us look closer and find small “creatures” with a deep meaning which, in perfect harmony, create the big picture.
In an exclusive interview for Pébéo, Pablo Azar talks about his style, his relationship with colour, his experience using Pébéo 4Artist Markers and more…

“I have been an actor for more than 10 years, a painter for more than 6 years and an artist for my whole life.”
Pablo Azar >>>

Emma Lindström: Music for your eyes

When looking at Emma Lindström’s work you feel transported to another dimension of colours and shapes. You might see the universe, the earth seen from outer space or a micro-cosmos, but there is one constant: The wonderful energy that you are almost able to touch that comes from Emma’s deep connection with music.
In this exclusive interview with Pébéo, the young and successful Swedish artist talks to us about her process, her inspiration and more.

Robert COMBAS and new colours

Upon entry into the Fine Arts in 1977, Robert COMBAS is noted for his original and innovative design. At age 22, he invented the art movement "La Figuration Libre". For over 30 years now, his creative frenzy is constantly experimenting with new technical means to address numerous topics while hybridizing the media to give birth to a work as dense as it is large. Combas, who is a prolific artist of excellence - Pébéo looks into his personal relationship with the colours in his work: as a universe of symbols and a language unto itself. >>>

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