Robert COMBAS and new colours

Upon entry into the Fine Arts in 1977, Robert COMBAS is noted for his original and innovative design. At age 22, he invented the art movement "La Figuration Libre". For over 30 years now, his creative frenzy is constantly experimenting with new technical means to address numerous topics while hybridizing the media to give birth to a work as dense as it is large. Combas, who is a prolific artist of excellence - Pébéo looks into his personal relationship with the colours in his work: as a universe of symbols and a language unto itself. >>>

Gérard Traquandi, a reality felt !

Abstract or figurative? The question in terms of painting, having been asked so often, can seem sterile. As the boundaries of one another and are so fluid. Gérard Traquandi does not avoid the issue, his work shows that he confronts it. >>>

Feng Zheng Jie, from colour to confidences

The work of Feng Zheng Jie colourful, sulphurous, powerful, unique... Some might even say provocative! But of what are these paintings actually imprinted? Confessions of an artist... >>>

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