Gérard Traquandi, a reality felt !

Abstract or figurative? The question in terms of painting, having been asked so often, can seem sterile. As the boundaries of one another and are so fluid. Gérard Traquandi does not avoid the issue, his work shows that he confronts it. >>>

Feng Zheng Jie, from colour to confidences

The work of Feng Zheng Jie colourful, sulphurous, powerful, unique... Some might even say provocative! But of what are these paintings actually imprinted? Confessions of an artist... >>>

Anish Kapoor : Dimension, a matter of perception

The next invited artist to the Monumenta exhibition in Paris (May 11 to June 23) with the mission to invest the Grand Palais’ Nave, "the painter who sculpts' (as he defines himself) Anish Kapoor has great success and an ever growing worldwide notoriety with the pieces he is dispersing all around the planet. For Pébéo and in exclusivity, he examines through his artist's eye the relations he maintains between perception and dimension... Interview by Patricia Chaveau, communications director.

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