Andrew Dadson: The addition and its borders...

At 32, Andrew Dadson is a revelation. From his native Canada, and Vancouver where he has taken up residence, the artist began to conquer the world... Recognized in 2011, at FIAC Art Basel, the explorer of the frontiers, has tested all limits and "works" borders with a rigorous virtuosity. In the interview he gave to Pébéo, it is expressed in real "psychoanalytical" terms of shapes and colors, revealing the soul of a tracker, with attention to detail, meticulous in the way he contemplates the subtle play of space and art, to better define its borders... for others to appreciate. >>>

Piotr Klemensiewicz: an autobiographical and intimate work

Born in 1956 in Marseille, Piotr Klemensiewicz studied at the School of Fine Art (ESBAM) and today teaches in the same school (ESADMM). After obtaining the DNSEP in 1979, he founded the Lorette workshop with other artists (G.Autard, G. Fabre, F. Mezzapelle, ....).
In 1986, he left the workshop at the moment the city of Marseille repurchased it and when he took up a position at the Marseille School of Fine Art as a teacher. He says that teaching has certainly influenced his work, without thwarting it. Today, he views his work as a teacher as a commitment, not unlike the teachers he met as a student. On the occasion of two exhibitions in Montreal (1999 and 2000) he stayed there a long period of time and taught at UQAM.
A school remains a privileged place for debates and meetings however the necessity to travel remains essential.
He is represented by the Baudoin Lebon Gallery (Paris) where this new exhibition is being presented.

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