Jean-Jacques SURIAN : a lyrical figuration

"Unclassifiable" as criticism wants it but mostly the unique figuration of a trajectory that engulfs everything (and little things ...) On his trajectory, Jean-Jacques Surian carries within himself a Rabelaisian dimension ... both voracious and jubilant while deeply intimate and fraternal. Code breaker and creator of confusion, he also brings back to memory the original meaning of the eighth century iconoclast who would destroy sacred images because they represented too well (or too poorly?) the established order. This rich interview, given to Patricia Chaveau, Communications Director at Pébéo, is representative of his work... So "Drink up! To prevent thirst from showing up ", as would say Gargantua! >>>

Andrew Dadson: The addition and its borders...

At 32, Andrew Dadson is a revelation. From his native Canada, and Vancouver where he has taken up residence, the artist began to conquer the world... Recognized in 2011, at FIAC Art Basel, the explorer of the frontiers, has tested all limits and "works" borders with a rigorous virtuosity. In the interview he gave to Pébéo, it is expressed in real "psychoanalytical" terms of shapes and colors, revealing the soul of a tracker, with attention to detail, meticulous in the way he contemplates the subtle play of space and art, to better define its borders... for others to appreciate. >>>

Daniel BUREN: Exclusive interview on the theme of coulor

Daniel Buren never leaves anyone indifferent. After Kiefer, Serra, Boltanski and Kapoor, this year the artist of vast public spaces has mastered the Grand Palais. He is also a teacher, theoretician and educator. A unique encounter with Buren at his intervention, still in situ, and how he defines colour. >>>

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