What a curve!

Mistral paint brushes are made of 100% natural interlocked pure white bristles famous for their fineness.
The firm, resilient camber mounted bristles keep their natural curved shape while paint is being applied. Their elasticity and resistance are tried and tested.
They are ideally suited for paste, oil and acrylic paints.

Mistral Brush

Mistral is available in round, short flat, flat, long flat, filbert, fan and short filbert shapes.



  • Paint brush
  • Natural thick rooted pure curved white bristles
  • Stainless steel ferrule,
  • Long handle, mahogany lacquered
  • Shapes: round, short flat, flat, long flat, filbert and fan.


  • Quality: firm, robust, flexible, holds a large qunatity of paint, naturally curved bristles
  • Use: oil, acrylic, gouache and fabric paints.

The Mistral curved mounted white bristle brushes are firm and springy. They retain their natural curve when paint is applied and are particularly suited for impasto work, as well as oil and acrylic work.