Pure sable and Kolinsky, the top notch of brushes!

Sable hair provides unparalleled strength, slenderness and resilience, when carefully selected it makes pure sable and Kolinsky sable brushes for oil and acrylic paints of incomparable precision.
The superior quality Kolinsky sable is an extra fine bristle that provides unequalled spring and resilience, the ideal quality for painting the finest detail.

Pure Sable Kolinsky

Pure Sable Kolinsky are available in round, flat and pointed.

Kolinsky Sable

Kolinsky Sable: the brush for retouching.


Common to Pure Sable and Pure Kolinsky Sable Brushes


  • Paint brush
  • Fine red natural pure sable and pure Kolinsky sable hair
  • Yellow brass ferrule
  • Long handle, black lacquered



  • Quality: very springy, flexible,  good colour retention; these qualities are even greater in pure Kolinsky sable
  • Use: oil, watercolour on silk paints

955, 9551 and 9553

  • Pure sable,
  • Shapes: round and flat.


  • Pure kolinsky sable,
  • Shape: liner.

Common to Pure Sable and Pure Kolinsky Sable Brushes

The fine sable, soft, springy, has a great holding capacity. It is ideal for painting with diluted paint and for detail.