chassis lin

The Fragonard Expert Linen stretcher in reinforced wood and mounted with 100% linen canvas developed by Pébéo. 

chassis coton

3D stretchers meets with the requirements of contemporary multitych creations. 


The quality and aspect of a canvas is strongly dependent on the origin of the fabric and the treatment that it has been subjected to. All Pébéo canvases are guaranteed to be homogenous. 

chassis ariane

The Ariane canvas owes its success to its great mechanical qualities and its aspect. It is very resistant and stable.

Canvas, stretchers and canvas boards

Linen was the first fabric used for painting on and it remains as a symbol of the classical tradition. Strong and stable, linen was the first fabric to replace wood. Then came cotton, less prestigious but nevertheless having the qualities of a natural fiber. In the modern age came synthetic fibrers with their exceptional mechanical properties. The Pebeo range of canvases, stretchers and canvas boards covers all choices and formats, including ready-to-paint surfaces, custom made surfaces and canvas rolls for those who like to do it themselves.