The reference of art schools

Pebeos' Colorex range is the preferred watercolour ink of professional illustrators and draftsmen who appreciate its brightness, velvety finish and perfectly uniform solid colours.  The vividness of its 60 colours and amazing concentration have made this range a world reference in art schools.

Colorex watercolour ink is 45 ml jars

Pebeo’s Colorex watercolour ink is available in 60 colours in 45 ml jars...

Colorex watercolour ink in 250 ml jars

… 57 colours in 250 ml jars...

Colorex watercolour ink in 1 litre jars

… and 28 colours in 1 litre jars.

Colorex in assortments

Colorex is also available in assortments.

Colorex Atelier set

Colorex Atelier set:8 assorted 45ml colours,1 drawing gum 45ml,1 india ink 45ml,1 round Kolinsky brush,1 palette.



watercolour drawing ink, transparent, luminous and velvety, highly concentrated, can be mixed together.

Brush cleaning:



paper, Bristol board, cardboard.


in a few hours depending on the dilution of the ink, and the paper weight


Highly concentrated, Colorex watercolour ink withstands heavy dilution with water. It can be used pure or diluted according to the intensity required. The white is totally opaque, and can lighten the different shades and extend the range towards pastel tones. The silver, rich gold and pale gold colours are generally used pure. The range of 60 colours, of which 3 primaries and 1 semi-indelible trichromatic black are in perfect chromatic balance. rendering them useful for mixing colour experiments.To achieve masking effects, use Drawing Gum. Graphic India ink which is opaque, satin black and has good lightfastness,harmoniously completes the range of Colorex inks. As with all inks, Colorex is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. To prevent excessive fading of colour over time, images can be protected with a UV varnish.