Paint Outdoors with Fragonard Extra Fine Oil

You have read How Monet gets initiated with outdoor painting. It is up to you now to build your outlook on nature while playing with light and atmosphere. To achieve this, Pebeo accompanies you in the creation of an outdoor scene with Fragonard Extra Fine Oil.

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You can also choose to work with the Studio XL or the Huile d’Art oil ranges.

The colour numbers in Studio XL Fine Oil : 001, 003, 005, 043, 012, 014, 013, 016 ou 015, 018 ou 017, 025.

The colour numbers in Huile d’Art Super Fine Oil : 220, 221, 332, 334, 113, 215, 112, 243 ou 253, 140 ou 142, 111.

Oil painting art work

Extra Fine oil Fragonard : 502, 404, 500, 327, 506, 201, 602, 220, 401, 153.This colors have been used for this paint.

etape 1

Step 1: Make a light background, very diluted over the entire canvas with a mixture of White, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Cerulean Blue Hue, with a touch of Vermilion. Draw the pattern in charcoal. Go over the drawing using a brush with a mixture of Emerald Green and Alizarin with a generous amount of Siccative medium.

etape 2

Step 2: Make a thin layer with a brush sable N° 14 and Siccative medium. Water: Veronese Green, 3 Blues: Ultramarine, Cobalt, Magenta and a touch of Vermilion. (For water, do not use White and especially not Black, Monet had none in his pallet). For lily leaves and flowers, apply Veronese Green, Lemon Cadmium Yellow, Vermilion and White. With a brush N° 8, highlight the flower with Vermilion and Alizarin.

etape 3

Step 3: With a brush N° 8 highlight the flower with Vermilion and Alizarin. Add more colour on the palette in large enough quantities to be able to work in thickness. Monet did his mixed directly on the canvas; put the colours straight from the tube by juxtaposing them with energetic brushstrokes (Brushes 14 and 16). Brush strokes in the direction of the water with all the blues, both greens, Alizarin and Yellow Cadmium deep. Brush strokes in the direction of the water lilies adding White and Lemon Cadmium Yellow. For the flower, brush strokes in the direction of the petals with White, Yellow, Red and Alizarin. To work contrasts, use aound the patterns Vermilion and Alizarin which are complementary to the green.

etape 4

Step 4: to darken even more, add more Ultramarine around the flower and leaves to give them more volume.

etape 5

Step 5: Like Monet blur the whole surface with white, lemon yellow and a hint of red, destroy a little the flower which is too precise. Rework with clear lines the grasses in the water and slightly add water in the leaves to integrate them into the painting. Lighten the water with Veronese and Cyan which allow bringing out the shadows. 

peinture en plein air

To work outdoors it is recommended that you bring an easel.