Step 1

Draw your sketch with a charcoal.

Step 2

For the background, use a mix of Ultramarine Deep and Phtalocyanine Emerald.

Step 3

Use some Black to paint the hair and redraw your sketch.

Step 4

Mix some Phtalocyanine Emerald with some White to paint the left side of the face, then some Ultramarine Deep with some White for the nose, shading it off into the green.

Step 5

Mix some Permanent Primary Yellow, some White and a light touch of black for the right side of the face.

Step 6

Then, still on the right side of the face, draw the shades by adding a small amount of blue to the mix.

Step 7

Paint the shirt in Yellow. Add some blue for the upper lip and some green for the lower lip. Paint an eye green and the other blue with a little white.

Step 8

Add some white into the hair and on its outline. Paint the collar in white as well. With some Ivory Black, paint the eye lashes and accentuate the face’s features.

Step 9

You can add a layer of Artist Acrylics varnish in order to complete your painting.

Paint in the manner of Pablo Picasso

With Pebeo Extra Fine Artist Acrylics range, create geometric shapes paintings in the manner of the great artists of the cubist art movement.
Follow our step by step and achieve your own masterpiece:

  • 1 Ariane canvas
  • 1 charcoal
  • 1 n°14 flat brush
  • 1 n°12 round brush
  • Artist Acrylics varnish
  • 5 tubes of Artist Acrylics paint: Ivory Black n°105, Titanium White n°118, Ultramarine Deep n°201,Phtalocyanine Emerald n ° 219, and Permanent Primary Yellow n ° 356.