Paint the Goldfish of Matisse.

You read the article on the artistic evolution of Matisse, or on how the aquatic world invites the viewer to contemplation. In turn, recreate an artwork around the theme of Goldfish: simplified forms, areas of transparency, bright colours and dominant colours from the Extra Fine Artist Acrylics range...  Pébéo guides you, step-by-step, in the realization of this artwork. 

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final result

A painting in the style of the Goldfish of Matisse.


 The material :   * Artist Acrylics Extra Fine 37ml tubes of each of the following colours : - Ivory black n° 105,- Hooker's green n° 221, - Permanent cyan n°227, - Brilliant purple n°263, - Light naphtol red n° 308, - Titanium white n° 118, - Permanent primary yellow°356 * 1 Matt medium 75ml bottle  * 1 charcoal  * 1 Cotton canvas stretcher 61x50 cm (12F) * 3 White bristle brushes : - 2 Round white bristle brushes n° 4 and 10 - 1 Flat white bristle brush n° 10. 


Step 1: Trace in charcoal the sketch of an interior space, of the furniture, and of a goldfish bowl.

step 2

Step 2: Mix cyan with a small amount of matte medium and paint the sky and the bottom of the goldfish bowl. Then paint the tiles and the walls by mixing red with a small quantity of matt medium.

step 3

Step 3: Dilute hooker's green with matt medium, and apply the colour on the landscape. Create the reflection of the landscape on the windows and on the bowl. Then apply pure hooker's green on the foliage of the trees. Finally, paint the back of the chair with a mixture of white and a touch of black to obtain a solid gray.

step 4

Step 4: Mix brilliant purple with titanium white and dilute with matte medium in order to paint the tablecloth and the inside of the flowers on the wall. With pure yellow, go over the petals and outline, in places, the flowers from the wall. Using Ivory black, create vertical lines on the back of the chair and then, with a touch of white, put the armrest and the top of the chair into perspective. Go over the bottom of the tablecloth with pure Purple to create luminosity.

step 5

Step 5: Dilute purple with a small amount of matt medium in order to paint the window frame. Enhance the colours of the landscape on the grass, sky and cloud using hooker's green. With a mixture of green and red, paint the tree trunks. Using ivory black, accentuate the railing, the joints of the tiles and outline the jar and the top of the tablecloth. Paint the patterns of the tablecloth with touches of pure red and yellow and the goldfish in red. Then create reflections of the landscape in the windows.

step 6

Step 6: Emphasize the top of the tablecloth with a mixture of brilliant purple and white. With pure purple, again accentuate the tablecloth's drop. Rework the reflections in the windows with black to recreate the reflections of the railing and tree trunks. Sweep, using a dry brush, the surface in different places, with hints of cyan, purple and white to obtain reflection effects. Rework the tones of certain parts of the painting until satisfaction is obtained.