The step by step of a character according to Paul Klee

Now that you have read Paul Klee’s biography, Pébéo will now accompany you through the steps of the process of creating a fictional character according to Paul Klee.

For this workshop you will need:

  • 1 bottle of Artist Acrylic Liquid Ink Primary Yellow # 59
  • 1 bottle of Artist Acrylic Liquid Ink Orange # 25
  • 1 tube of Huile D’Art Super Fine Oil Van Dyck Brown # 60
  • 1 flat spalter brush # 25
  • 1 Gala brush # 12
  • 1 roll of adhesive tape
  • 2 sheets of drawing paper
final realization


Paul klee

Secure a sheet of drawing paper using the adhesive tape and paint the sheet with a mix of yellow and a little orange using the spalter brush.

Step 2

On a second sheet of paper, draw your subject.

Step 3

Flip the page over and paint the back of the drawing with a coat of Van Dyck BrownHuile D’Art Super Fine Oilusing the spalter brush.

Step 4

Place your drawing on the sheet of paper painted in yellow and orange. Re-trace the drawing with a pencil by pressing lightly.

Step 5

Remove the sheet of paper.