huile d'art tubes

A range of superfine oil colours = Huile D’Art 

Studio jauneorange

New colours for more modernity.


A range of colours including colours with effects. 


For three generations Pébéo moves forward with the same mission, offer anyone the means to express their artistic creativity using any technique. 

huile fine

Studio XL Fine Oil is the only oil brand offering classic, pastel, bright, Dyna and glaze colours.

Oil colours

Different odors and materials combined with a long history, makes discovering oil paints a bit like entering a new world. Oil paints were invented by the Flemish painters in the 15th century, they then came into their own under the great masters. Long gone, are the times when artists made their paints themselves. Since 1930, oil paints have been developed and manufactured by Pebeo with the contribution of experienced artists. Through its thorough research and creative innovation, Pebeo has aquired an ever increasing and faithful customer base among fine art lovers.