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The essential auxiliaries

With its solvents and thinners, binding agents, drying agents, varnishes and cleaners, the Pebeo range of oil paint auxiliaries covers all the essential needs for painting in oils. This includes: diluting, thinning, creating relief, accelerating drying, varnishing and cleaning painted surfaces and tools. 

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  • Refined Linseed Oil

    Extracted from linseed seeds, this oil is an excellent binder. It makes the paints pleasant to work with. It hardens them faster and gives a resistant finish of depth and great beauty.

  • Médium à peindre incolore

    Composed of acrylic resin and carthame oil, this medium makes the colour more fluid without diluting it. It is non-yellowing, while increasing brilliance, transparency and depth.

  • Medium gel Fragonard

    With a base of alkyd resins, acrylic and polyamid wax, this medium stands out by having more body. It makes the colour more fluid without losing its liveliness.

  • Médium siccatif

    Medium composed of Chinese wood oil and formophenolic resin. It allows for very interesting possibilities. It speeds up the formation of films and improves their resistance.

  • Siccatif de Courtrai

    This siccative based on octate of zirconium and calcium, works on the surface and the depth, while it accelerates drying time and allows for thick coats to harden evenly.

  • Vernis à retoucher

    A very fine and discreet varnish composed of acrylic resin and plastified polymeric. Used in smaller areas, during painting, to repair coats which produce an unneeded matt sheen.

  • Vernis à tableau satiné

    Fast drying varnish, it gives a uniform, satin finish, between a gloss and a matt finish. Composed of acrylic resin and polythene wax, it is very easy to apply.  It is transparent and discreet.

  • Vernis à tableau surfin

    A supple and responsive finishing varnish, very transparent, it holds well to the brush and adds a strong brilliance and durability to less durable works.  It makes the colors brilliant and rich.

  • Vernis à tableau mat

    Matt varnish based on acrylic resin and polyethylene wax. It is easy to apply and performs well, resulting in an even matt finish.

  • Vernis dammar

    Dammat varnish is a light amber finishing varnish based on natural resin. Bright and responsive, it needs to be applied rigorously. Rich and very covering it holds well and gives very brilliant films.

  • Nettoyant pinceaux

    This cleaner is suitable for use with all painting ustensils. It dissolves oil and varnish even after dry, while retaining the suppleness and form of the brushes. 

  • Gel de structure

    This translucid gel based on alkyd resin, siccative oil and silico aluminate of sodium extends the colour for economy of use. It gives a light satin finish.

  • Médium d'empâtement

    This thick opaque paste allows for works of heavier thickness and relief creations. This thick opaque paste is made of polyurethane resin, silicate of aluminum hydrate and beeswax.

  • Essences and Diluents for oil colours

    Obtained by the distillation of certain varieties of pine, it gives a matt aspect. It is used to thin the first coats of colour.

  • Essence minérale inodore

    Odourless Mineral Spirits do not present any risk of irritation or allergic reaction. It is recommended for working in small, non-ventilated areas.

  • Huile essentielle de pétrole

    An excellent diluant, Essence of Oil of Petroleum evaporates much faster than turpentine and allows for a longer open time with the paint. It also makes the matt finish more significant. 

  • Clarified poppy seed oil

    Refined linseed oil is an excellent binder while Clarified poppy seed oil is particularly suitable for grinding light colours.

  • mediums XL

    Makes the colour more fluid without diluting it, and increases its transparency and satin finish. Good resistance to yellowing.

  • Cobalt Siccative

    It is used on the top surface of a work and performs best with fast and efficient strokes. It is to be used only with fine coats.

  • Crystal varnish

    Very clear, transparent, and easy to work with, it covers well. Finish is very brilliant.

  • Universal Paint Remover

    Used to strip off any dried-on oil, acrylic and other material from all painting tools. It works in 15-30 minutes and can be rinsed off with water.

  • One Coat Gesso

    A very solid, covering white finish for preparing surfaces to be painted. It dries rapidly and leaves a light matt finish.