Louvre Pyramid

© Pyramide du Louvre, arch. I.M. Pei / Musée du Louvre / Angèle Dequier / 2007


Draw me a color, a desire... life!

Since 3 generations, Pébéo has been putting all of its science to the service of colours and artists with whom it has forged, over time, very close ties. Engaged in many educational projects with diverse audiences, Pébéo supports various initiatives such as the educational and social activities of the association "La Source", educational workshops at the Grand Palais or those of the Monumenta. Pébéo also asserts its role as patron and supporter of contemporary art with «Mécènes du Sud».

Since 2012, Pébéo is also one of the main sponsors of the "Louvre.fr" website and supports three educational modules of the prestigious museum: Characters and scenes -Key Issues and  children’s questions. A great opportunity for Pébéo to reveal it’s world of colours to a large audience...

Pébéo and the Louvre: an obvious partnership…

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