Natural soaps

For artists and artist mateirlas - made in Provence

Pébéo offers a full range of hand soaps and soaps for artist equipment maintenance. 4 hand soaps, 2 soaps for artist equipment maintenance as well as a restorative hand cream. All these natural products are manufactured in Provence for Pébéo. By the Marius Fabre soap factory. The seal of quality of the French company appears on the packaging of all the products.

A little bit of history 

With raw materials in abundance, such as olive oil, soda and salt from Camargue, the region of Provence became famous for its excellent quality soap in the Middle Ages.In 1688, by the Edict of Colbert, Louis XIV institutionalised soap, establishing manufacturing rules: In addition to cooking in large furnaces, only pure olive oilsMust be used as vegetable oils, prohibiting any animal fat. This decree allowed Marseille soaps to acquire a reputation that will stay with them forever.


Hard soap 200 g 

Thanks to its cleaning and degreasing power, the olive oil soap will gently remove all paint stains from your hands. Olive oil’s nourishing qualities makes this soap great for taking care of the most fragile hands.

Made from vegetable oil only (olive oil and coconut oil) (Sodium olivate, sodium cocoate). Free from dyes. The green colour is natural, produced by the main raw material: olive pomace oil.

Free from perfume. No risk of perfume-related allergies (allergens in the perfume). No preservatives or chemical additives. Soft on the skin, even on the most sensitive of skins. Olive oil providesnourishing properties to the skin.Unscented liquid soap 500 ml and lavender scented liquid soap 500 ml Soap made the old-fashioned way, using the method from Marseille, cooked in a cauldron, made fromvegetable oils and potash. It does not contain animal fat or synthetic surfactant (cleansing substance), nor tetrasodium EDTA and BHT (chemical preservatives). Its formula is kind on both the skinand the environment, as it is biodegradable and is stored in a refillable and recyclable bottle.

Exfoliating black soap 200 g 

This soap, made from Marius Fabre black soap with olive oil, is an innovative product because it only contains plant-based ingredients: olive oil and crushed olive stones, for a natural exfoliating formula. As such, it differs from all other «abrasive» soaps made from solvents and oil-based surfactants, which effectively clean hands, but damage them and the environment – in the process.

Restorative hand cream 75 ml 

Made with essential oils, it will take care of the precious hands of artists.

Concentrated black liquid soap 500 ml and highly concentrated soft black soap 200 g 

Traditional manufacturing, cooked in a cauldron. Made from vegetable oils only.

Exclusive formula with olive oil, patented by Savonnerie Marius Fabre. Set term: «Potassium soap with olive oil». It has received the ECOCERT certification in 2016 (certified Ecodetergent by Ecocert). Free from dyes. The green colour is natural, produced by the main raw material: olive pomace oil. Free from perfume. No risk of perfume-related allergies (allergens in the perfume). No preservatives, solvents or chemical additives.

Gentle on brushes, it preserves the quality of the hair thanks to the nourishing properties of olive oil. Gentle to skin. You can put a black soap nut in your hand and wipe your brush by hand.Cleanses and removes grease naturally and effectively.

Environmentally friendly: purely plant-based, free from additives and phosphates, it is biodegradable and does not pollute rivers.Cleans and protects brushes. Dilute a little black soap in warm water and soak your brushes.