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The great masters of watercolour first emerged in the West in the 16th century. Being easy to transport and quick to use they were a favourite medium for illustrating landscapes and scenes of life in newly discovered New World and later in the colonies.
Pebeo has made full use of watercolours' characteristic quality of transparency to design its range of intense and luminous colours. The miniatures, portraits and landscapes beloved of watercolourists will glow with brilliant transparency with Pebeo watercolours.

See also

  • Aquarelle

    Artist quality colours have historically been the showcase of our profession as colour makers.

  • Aquarelle

    This watercolour is enriched with honey for a sticky texture which aids dilution with water. 

  • L'aquarelle

    The colours are inspired by Provence, there is Lavender Blue, Olive green, Madder Lake, Saffron Yellow: a warm and slightly orange yellow, Red Ochre from the quarries of Roussillon. 

  • L'aquarelle

    Some pigments separate into very fine particles when diluted, creating a particular texture. 

  • Aquarelle

    3 series in 2 packagings, with 60 colours and 2 basic colours in 15 ml tubes. 

  • gestion eau

    A true innovation. Wash = optimized dosage obtained with pump system. True autonomy = clean/dirty water management system.