For beginning watercolourist

Pebeo's fine Watercolour range has been carefully selected to meet the needs of watercolour lovers, while designed in the tradition of Pebeo watercolour.  The 28  colours of the range are easy to thin and provide a depth of tone and transparency that is retained when dry. 

Watercolours in ½ pans

Watercolours in ½ pans are available in 28 colours.

Watercolours Round Metal box

For its Watercolours, Pebeo proposes numerous assortments and cases. Here, the Round Metal box.



designed in the craftsman tradition of Pébéo watercolours, the 28 colours have been carefully developed to ensure ease of THINNER, depth of tone and transparency. The paste is available in tubes or half pans.

Brush cleaning:



watercolour paper, cardboard.


in a few hours depending on the dilution and paper weight.


The Fine Watercolour offers a balanced range of 28 shades harmoniously distributed across the colour wheel.  The colours are easy to thin, with transparency and depth of tone that does not disappear during the drying process.