The essential auxiliaries

Drawing Gum, a peelable rubber solution for the creation of artworks using ink, watercolour or gouache, as well as varnishes and fixatives. A wide range of auxiliaries are available to allow for the fulfillment of all creative urges.


Drawing Gum: a peelable liquid solution used to keep areas of artwork free. In a 45 ml jar.


Drawing Gum: a peelable liquid solution used to keep areas of artwork free. In a 2500 ml jar.


This marker performs in the same way as drawing gum in bottles, but as a practical tool that can be applied quickly and accurately. It is a high-precision marker to use on watercolour, ink and diluted gouache works. The marker has a sturdy, plastic tip with 0.7 mm of accuracy.  This tip allows for continuous applications with a fine - to extra fine - stroke. A spare tip is included.The formula is made with natural latex, with a result of around 405 meters of line for a 5.5 ml volume.

DG presentoir + blister

It comes in 2 different forms of packaging: in a box or blister pack.


The marker includes a spare tip.

double réa

The marker can be applied in a fine and continuous stroke.

Salim Kafiz aquarelle3

The ideal marker for fine, light areas.


Graphic India Ink

Opaque, satin, black ink.




Paper, cardstock, cardboard.


Within hours after the dilution and paper weight.

Drawing Gum

Drawing Gum is a  gum, painted on and peeled  off to obtain works in reserve, executed in ink, watercolor, gouache ...


Paper, cardstock, cardboard.


With water before drying.


In about 15 minutes depending on quantity and trademark holder.


Varnishes protect illustrations in ink or gouache against friction, moisture or ultra-violet. They also change, the intensity and depth of colour.



Graphic India ink is a carbon black dispersion. Fluid without dripping, it is diluted with water to achieve wash. Once dry, it resists water and washing.


Drawing gum is a peelable solution used to keep areas of artwork free, for use with ink, watercolour, gouache... It is applied using a brush or pen on the parts of the work to be masked

Colour is applied when the drawing gum is dry. Once the colours are completely dry just rub the gum with your finger or with an eraser to reveal the masked parts.


This workable paste gum is used to erase charcoal, graphite pencil, pastel, sanguine ... It absorbs pigments that are deposited excessively on paper. Just squeeze it to clean it, and to be able to erase again effectively. 

It has the advantage of not leaving flakes on the surface. Thanks to its flexibility, it lets you create pointed shapes to erase very fine parts or a ball or flat shape to clear larger sections of a drawing, and erase more or less according to the pressure exerted on the drawing.

After a while, it becomes completely coloured, and it must be changed to prevent leaving marks on the paper.


Crystal varnish

Very limpid and easy to apply, this fairly thick varnish is very covering. Once dry, it forms a particularly bright film that enhances the colour depth.The subtlety of the film and its discreet sheen make it a valuable varnish to highlight the more subtle forms and the finest nuances in an artwork.
Superfine Gouache Varnish
Superfine Gouache varnish is a non-yellowing acrylic-based product, which lends a thin protective film with a satin finish. It enhances colour vibrancy.

Water-based satin gouache varnish

Water-based satin gouache varnish is applied without going over and over the product, to avoid soaking the gouache coats.

Solvent-based anti-UV varnish 

Solvent-based anti-UV varnish, with a satin appearance and impermeable, filters ultraviolet rays, thereby preventing the degradation of certain colours sensitive to light. It is especially recommended to protect illustrations made with water-based Colorex inks.


The fixative for pastels, pencils and charcoals is designed for dry techniques. It will be enable drawings to be protected without changing the hue for the sustainable conservation of works.