Web tv Pébéo

The Pébéo Web TV is a new series offering you all the “tips” to master the latest Pébéo innovations and give shape to your ideas. 

Pébéo suggests you watch the videos found on the right, available in all universes.


In Fine Arts you will discover technical videos: how to choose a painting knife, a painting tool, collage techniques using Bindex, …

In Creative Leisure and Home Deco, videos for learning how to “Do it yourself” will be proposed. These episodes will cover our entire product range: painting on fabric, painting on glass, painting on porcelain and china, multi-surface and jewellery paint.

Video workshops bringing you tips and useful hints. You will love creating unique pieces that will reflect your personality.

In Artistic Awakening, your children love to paint, nothing is too nice to share moments with the little ones! The magic of Prima Magic, Acrylcolor or Brillo... offer treasures filled with creative ideas!