The 4Artist Marker is Pébéo’s multi-application "Oil-based Marker" that will revolutionize your approach to markers and to traditional painting!

The line is available in 18 highly pigmented, glossy finish colors which offer excellent lightfastness across the entire color range. The 4 different nibs (2mm and 4mm bullet tip, 8mm chisel tip, and 15mm broad tip) offer genuine versatility of use. Ideal for applying on smooth, non-porous surfaces, the colors are quick-drying and can also be diluted, even after several weeks, to obtain shades, glazes, gradients and fading effects. Its unique formula brings traditional oil painting techniques to a whole new level. It is now possible to paint with oils while enjoying the properties of a paint marker (accuracy of line, colour overlays …).

Extremely versatile, the 4Artist Marker integrates perfectly with MIXED MEDIA ®. Use them over dry Vitrail, Fantasy Prisme, Fantasy Moon, Gedeo resins, acrylics, oils and inks; all are winning combinations! Beginner and professional artists alike will find the 4Artist Marker become their favorite painting tool for creative expression.

The marker

The marker, designed “for artists” is made from a black aluminium body and a color matching cap so you can spot it quickly on your workbench.


4 types of tips are available for different uses: 2mm and 4mm round tips for drawing, finishing touches and writing, 8mm chisel tip and 15mm wide tip for solid colors, calligraphy, drips and spatters.

Set Basique

The Basic Set is the ideal kit to start equipping yourself with the 'essentials' of the range (sets of five 4mm markers). There is also a Metallic Set.

Etape 4 - Kit Duo

The Duo kit is the perfect combination for finishing touches and flat colors. Available in Black and White.

8 Markers

4artist Marker set of 8 markers: 2 mm black, 2 mm white, 4 mm yellow, 4 mm red, 4 mm pink, 4 mm dark blue, 8 mm gold, 15 mm silver.

Work carried out only with 4ARTIST MARKER

Artwork created with only 4ARTIST MARKER colors showing off a glossy, vivid, and opaque finish.


It is possible to overlay 4ARTIST MARKER colors, and to blend or dilute them using odorless mineral spirit even after drying.


The only technique used in this work: The 4ARTIST MARKER. Dilution of the colors with odorless mineral spirits allows for glazes and fading effects: when graphic creation becomes abstract.

Example of Mixed Media

Example of a mixed media application: 4ARTIST MARKER, Fantasy Moon paint, Gédéo resin. The 4ARTIST MARKER is the finishing tool that completes the Mixed Media by Pébéo concept.

Graphic design

4ARTIST MARKER Graphic creation

  • Colours: vivid, opaque, glossy and very lightfast
  • Oil-based
  • Indelible once dry
  • Cleaning: with odourless mineral spirits
  • Drying: Fast (5 to 15 minutes depending on the porosity of the surface and the thickness deposited)
  • Markers should be stored horizontally
  • Markers are non-refillable

The 4 Artist Marker needs to be primed before use, to proceed:

  • with the cap on, shake the marker firmly to get the ball moving; then
  • remove the cap and press the tip repeatedly on an alternate surface until the paint starts flowing.

These markers offer precision drawing on most surfaces. The results will not be as glossy on porous surfaces.They adapt perfectly for work on canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, porcelain, plaster, mineral material, etc.The 4Artist Marker is ideal for use in MIXED MEDIA ® applications and can be used with fine arts and graphic arts paints (oil, acrylic and auxiliaries, inks, etc.), or with Pébéo specialty paints such as Ceramic, Vitrail, Fantasy Prisme, Fantasy Moon and Gédéo resins.