4artist marker auxiliaries



These auxiliaries include three varnishes and an odourless medium.

Varnishes are formulated to be especially versatile, enabling them to protect the 4ARTIST MARKER colours, as well as MIXED MEDIA ® by Pebeo and oil paints, provided the colours are completely dry, whatever the technique. The three varnishes lend three different effects: gloss, satin, matt.

The odourless medium can be used for various purposes: to dilute, fade and shade 4ARTIST MARKER applications alone or on MIXED MEDIA ® works, when fully dry. To erase applications on dry, smooth, nonporous surfaces without altering the lower layer. The MARKER 4ARTIST can even be erased months after its use.

See also

3 varnish

The various varnishes in 75 ml format, to protect the work and for consistency. Satin and matt finishes.

odourless medium

Odourless medium in 75 ml and 245 ml formats.


Using the matte varnish and gloss varnish.


The odourless medium to fade and shade the 4ARTIST MARKER.

Essence Minérale Inodore

Dry 4ARTIST MARKER colors can be removed from smooth surfaces using odorless mineral spirit: Shall we try and start again?