Les pastels

Oil pastels or soft pastels allow for spontaneity in gesture. 

Le fusain

Pébéo natural charcoals are made in the traditional craft method from carbonised wood.

Les pastels

Extra soft and handmade. 


An irreplaceable drawing tool.

Les pastels

Oil pastels can be used on their own or or diluted with turpentine. 

Pastels and charcoals


The reputation of pastels, invented in France and in Italy in the 15th century, benefited from the works of one peerless exponent: Leonardo da Vinci. Pastel drawing reached its highest form in the 18th century with the work of Quentin de La Tour, the undisputed master of the art. It then waned shortly after the French revolution, with the rise of neo-classicism and oil painting. As for the charcoal pencil, it is the simplest and most commonly used tool in art drawing, studies and sketches. Pebeo pastels and charcoals provide high quality materials for drawing and painting.